Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Top 10 April Favorites

This one is late but better late than never right? ^_^
  • Mario Badescu's Drying Lotion: I have been getting large cystic acnes that lasts for months  and I tried a lot of products since my usual acne spot treatment by Origin won't work. A sales lady that worked in Ulta suggested Mario Badescu's drying lotion. My horrible cystic acne vanished in 2 days. Of course, the acne had to leave a horrible dark spot...
  • Mango & Spearmint scented candle: It has an invigorating Mango smell! You don't even have to burn it to get the effect. You just need to leave it open. I got mine from bath&body works for 2 for 10. Sadly, they don't offer it anymore. I found it at this other website that sells it for $9.50 each. :-(
  • Cool Citrus Basil perfume spray: I love this scent! It has a fresh crisp aroma. Every time I wear it, people ask what I'm wearing. It has a very strong smell in the bottle so the scent is better on. It's from Bath & Body works classic collection. I always stock-up when they sell it for $4.99 at their semi-annual sale.  I've been wearing this for a long time since I was 10-years-old. 
  • Dove's Ultimate Deodorant in wild rose scent: This promises to minimize the appearance of hair over time and it works! I noticed that my underarm hair feels softer and the color is less visible. Of course I still shave but I like the feeling of non-stubbly armpit hair. 
  • Dove's Cream Oil Body Lotion: My skin became very sensitive when I went to Nursing school. Washing my hands repeatedly left it very dry and not even Gold Bond retained the moisture. I like this one because it delivered what it advertised . Dove products are also sensitive skin friendly. It has improve my skin tone, texture, and it doesn't leave my hands dry.

  • N.Y.C. Broadway lights lip gloss: This one taste like strawberry flavored jolly rancher candy. I love how it doesn't leak and leaves mess in my bag like other lip glosses do. This applies smoothly and makes my lip shiny. Also it has a mirror and lights up! Its just like UK's MEMEME lip gloss brand, but this one is N.Y.C.brand offered in the U.S. I got mine from Walmart, but I can't find it there anymore...

  • NYX jumbo eye pencil in MILK: It's hard to find a white eyeliner that actually works. Example Prestige's white eyeliner in Star doesn't show and hurts to apply since you have to put pressure for it to show a little of its pigmentation. NYX white eyeliner applies on smoothly and its very pigmented.

  • Strawberry Foam Curler: I did a review on this and I just love it that's why it made my top 10 list. I'll link the review so you can read it if you want. I purchased this on e-bay.

  • Shell silver bracelet: What I like about this bracelet is that it matches everything. It looks classy and reminds me of the beach and not to mention that I also made it ^_^

  • Hello Kitty Headband:  This headband is really cute and keeps my hair off my face while I'm putting make-up on and washing my face. I purchased it when I went to Japan.

I made a link on the products that I love at your convenience. I purchased all these with my own money and I'm not endorsing any company. I'm just giving my opinions and explaining why I like the products I'm using. You can make any of the images bigger by clicking on them.


    1. I really need to try some of that Mario Badescu lotion! I still need to find out if they can ship it to Guam, *crosses fingers. :D

    2. Thanks for posting! :) I definately want to try Mario Badescu's Drying Lotion as well. I've heard so many things about it but i never could find it at stores :( NYX's eye pencil in milk also sounds very tempting.. but once again, no stores sell it and shipping on their site costs way more than the product itself.. :(

    3. Oh man, blog posts like these are so dangerous but I LOVE them! Now I want to go buy the NYX White eyeliner. I've been looking for a good white one. I also want a vibrant purple liner but a lot of the ones I've tried come out dull or brownish.

      Anyways, about your strawberry curlers. I just went on eBay and found plain round versions of yours. Not as fun but same thing otherwise..hehe I have shoulder length hair. Do you think it'd be too difficult to use on my shorter hair? The wavy curls are so nice on your long hair!

    4. @Ritalime: I hope they do! I'll be doing a Mario Badescu review soon. Anyways, here's a code for free shipping: 668437 it ends today 5/7/10 so I hope you get to read this. Also, you might want to take this survey:
      When you fill it out, they give you your skin type and recommendations as to what to order. What's great is that you don't have to order anything but they will ship you free samples of what's listed in your recommendation items.

    5. @xAgnes: Aww... that sucks... Well i searched e-bay for you for NYX milk for free shipping. The item is listed for $3.95 here's the link:


      You might also want to take this survey from Mario badescus' website:

    6. @Glamour Buzz: Teehee! I know right! Every time i read one of these I'd want to go and buy it. lol
      You should definitely try NYX jumbo eyeliners. I think they have a purple one called egg plant. Finding white eyeliners that work is hard!!! I went through like 5 of them and I wanted to quit searching for "the one"

      About the curlers, I actually received the yellow ones. I must say that the texture for the yellow ball curler is better compared to the strawberry ones. I haven't compared them though as far as for curling. Ill do a review on it sometime soon.

      I don't know if it would stay on your hair because they tend to roll down a bit. That's why i roll mine higher. I'll try it on, on one of my relatives that has shoulder length hair and I'll let you know. ^_^

    7. I love Mario Badescu.... great list!

    8. hey lady, just thought I'd come over for a wee visit to your blog, and really enjoyed it, so have started 'following' :)

      don't think we get the dove deodarant in rose over here, what a shame it sounds lovely, I really like light flowery scented body products too! yum! x

    9. yess love how you hold your hair back with hello kitty, a girl after my own heart! also you're right, wearing your hair in a bun makes such a difference, definitely makes all outfits work-friendly!xxx