Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Glam Eyes Vs Sexy Curves Rimmel London Mascara

I have been on a prowl looking for a mascara. I have heard a lot of great things from other bloggers and you tubers about Rimmel Mascara. So I went to Walmart where I do my usual random shopping to buy and try Rimmel's mascara.
Well I found two that I like: Sexy eyes and Glam Eyes

Rimmel's Sexy Eyes ($6.47) promises to have up to 70% curlier lashes and up to 16 hours curl hold. 


Rimmel's Glam Eyes ($5.67) promises to have up to 10x more volumized and 80% longer lash look.

Both had the same effect on my lashes. They were more visible and longer. They didn't clump like most mascara's do, but Sexy Eyes didn't live up to the 16 hour curl hold as advertised. So I choose Glam Eyes over Sexy Eyes only because it was cheaper...

What Mascara works for  you?


  1. i think you went with the right choice for mascara. i use both covergirl lashblast and maybelline great lash.