Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cry Fest... All Nighters... No problem! How to get rid of tired heavy eyes

Crying all night or having to pull an all nighter is no fun especially when you have somewhere important to be.
When you lack sleep but still need to achieve the refreshed/well slept look, don't fret. The solution is simple. It takes a few simple products to get rid of tired heavy eyes.
The blood vessels in your eyes are dilated due to lack of sleep making it feel sensitive, heavy, puffy, and tired. By putting a cold eye mask, the vessels would shrink and soothe the eyes. As a rule: anything hot will make vessels dilate and cold will shrink it. If you don't have a cold eye mask, put ice in a bag and wrap it in a towel. Also a cucumber, a potato, or a spoon that is put in the freezer will also make do. (You must cut and peel the cucumber and potato in a thin circular shape to fit your eyes.)

While the cold eye mask will soothe your eyes, it won't take care of the "blood shot eyes" look. Putting a few drops of visine will help clear the redness.

Lack of sleep will also result in eye bags and dark circles. The skin around the eyes are very thin and eye creams will help moisturize and protect it. I'm currently using Neutrogena's ageless restoratives eye cream. It has a glow luminous effect around the eyes.

White or flesh eye pencils used for the water line will help make the sclera (white part of the eye) look even whiter. I'm currently using NYX jumbo eye pencil in MILK and I love it!

Last but not least a good concealer. I'm currently using MAC's NC 20 studio fix concealer. I will review different concealers on my next blog so I will have more details then.

Having puffy, tired, and heavy eyes  is no fun. And the best solution to avoid these symptoms is to actually have a full nights rest. Until then, using a few simple products will surely make your eyes feel better and help you achieve the well rested look. 


  1. Love the new layout!

    And ooh, the Neutrogena eye cream sounds tempting. :D

  2. Hi Djosell (I love your name! :D), thank you so much for following both my blog and twitter. I'm following yours too now, I already love your blogging style :)

    I always sleep late too, I think I should really treat my eyes better now :p

  3. @ Dina (XYYan): Thank you! You know the saying... "Eye's are the window the to the soul" lol

  4. Wow, I've been looking for an eyecream... I might try that, Neutrogena's always a good brand to rely on.