Saturday, May 1, 2010


I am addicted to fashion. Anything shiny and the ones with a lot of details I'm completely enamored! I don't even know where this obsession started or even where to begin as for what "shiny" and "detailed" things I'm constantly hoarding, but I am collecting them. From clothes, to shoes, to everyday accessories, if it's shiny, I have it. So what's bad in this description? Well nothing... that is if its in moderation and if you have room for it. I mean there's nothing wrong with collecting things, having a hobby, or being fashionable, but when it starts to take over your life its bad. In my case, it took over my room and finances.

I was doing my spring cleaning and I couldn't believe my eyes. I found clothes that have tags or have been worn once and never seen day light again. I filled up bags after bags (6 of them to be exact) and it was ridiculous. I remember I kept saying I have no clothes to wear or I need this or want this. Well I now shake my head at that absurd comment of mine. Seriously, if  a person can go on for months without having to do laundry but still have more than enough clean clothes to wear... then that person is a shopaholic either that or a "pack rat"  i.e. me. That's a lot of clothes if you think about it. Considering I have a closet that's a size of a wall in my room. Its no walk-in closet but its pretty big and roomy to stash all the things that I have. Oh and shoes?! I don't know where to begin. And no.. I'm no Imelda Marcos, but I do have plenty of shoes. And some if not most have not been worn. And like many other things that I have, I have a hard time relinquishing them...

Sure I can sell my stuff at plato's closet or have a garage sale, but I won't get half the price I bought them for. I know because that's what I did.  All those clothes and shoes that had never been worn, I just think of how much money I could have put into my savings account instead. So moral of the story is to think really hard whether you really need it or not. And before buying  the latest trends, make sure to check-out your closets first. Chances are, you already have it.

With that said, I've taken the latest fashion trends as seen in People Magazine and recreated these trends with clothes that I have in my closet.

1st Trend: Hot Pink Dress
My Version of the Hot Pink Dress and Nude Sandals:
Dress: Forever 21
Shoes: Michael Antonio
2nd Inspiration: Light Pink Scarf

My Version of Jennier Love Hewitt's outfit is:
Scarf: Bought in the Philippines
Hand bag: Liz Claiborne
Long sleeves: Charlotte Rouse
Blue Jeans: Nordstrom
3rd Outfit: Tuxedo Blazer

My version of Jessica Parker's outfitt:
Blazer: LVL X 
Dress: Express
Clutch: Marshalls
Pumps: Colin Stuart
Necklace: Express

All the clothes and accessories I featured on here, I owned for at least a year or more. For example, the LVL X blazer I bought at my first job when I was 15. Remember that trends come and go and of course they are recycled too so no need to spend a fortune to look trendy. All you really need is confidence and things you already have.


  1. love your thoughts of re-introducing old clothes! Love allt the looks, gorgeous!


  2. Hello Djosell! Love your name! And a great post to start off the blog... these outfits look stunning on you - wish I could pose for photos as well as you. When a camera's in front of me, I automatically put on the most unflattering, awful, front-on slouchy look. And then I regret it afterwards. But I just can't help it! Must practise... ;-)

  3. you did a great job with these!

  4. Cute dress! Love the pink! (: