Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Expensive VS Inexpensive products: Concealer Review

Does the price really reflect the quality of a product? 

In search for a concealer that will mask my acne scars, I have ELF ($1.00), MAC ($16.50), and Shiseido ($26.50).
What my camera doesn't show you is that ELF has a white under tone, MAC has a yellowish undertone, and Shiseido has pinkish undertone.


I have taken these swatches and i'm going to soak my hand in water for 5 minutes to see which one will last

5 minutes later....

You can see where the water ended on the ELF swatch. All the concealer are less visible in the camera after being soaked in water.

So here's my review:
For packaging, Shiseido has the prettiest packing style.
For application. Shiseido has the creamiest and blends easiest out of the three.
For how long it lasts, MAC last longer.

Elf is not good for covering dark spots. I like it because its very affordable (Its $1.00), but its only good for a short time wear and for putting on the lips to achieve a nude lip look.

Shiseido blends the easiest because the product is very creamy. It doesn't last long so you have to reapply just like with any other concealer. While the undertones are pretty because it didn't make me look yellow, I would have to consistently spend $26.50 + tax every month or so. Its not budget friendly. (Mine lasted for less than a month and a half)

MAC is easier to blend when its a little bit warm. And since the packaging is in a circular form, it is hard to rub it between the hands to warm it up. So what I do is blow dry it for 10-15 seconds. MAC also has SPF 35 which I like because when you have acne. (Acne's are very sensitive to sunlight and it could irritate it and make it worse. So wear sunscreen to protect those pimples). 

So between the three products, I choose MAC. Even though it makes me look yellow, it conceals my acne scars, its budget friendly because it lasts more than 2 months, and lastly it has SPF.

What concealer works for you?


  1. thats a very cool idea to test products- the elf one seems to have held up best to me! Just goes to show that cheap doesn't always mean incapable :) x

  2. very informative review. i will try to do more beauty reviews like yours!

    thanks for entering my giveaway! i will pick the winner over the weekend as the giveaway ends may 14. i've added more makeup posts so check it out.

  3. Hi Djosell,
    Thanks for your comment on my dress. I am also a fan of Mac concealer - it is far better than any other brand. Great post x