Monday, May 24, 2010

Mario Badescu: Seaweed Cleansing Soap Review

I've been using Mario Badescu's Seaweed cleansing soap ($12 for 8oz)  for 2 months now. It is light green with seaweed (looks like vanilla bits).  The smell isn't atrocious. It has a faint smell similar to a laundry detergent. This product claims to exfoliate, removes make-up, and residue without stripping. What I found to be true is that,  while it does remove make-up, it doesn't exfoliate. I still had my white heads and my face wasn't as smooth and soft compared to using Ponds white beauty face wash.
So here are my pro's and con's.
It removes make-up.
Helps clear my face of acne
Its for all types of skin (i have combination)
Pretty color
It doesn't lather. There's something about a soapy face that makes me think that my face is being cleaned better.
It doesn't have a control amount dispenser which means that you finish the product faster.
The seaweeds are too big. It leaves my sink looking yucky with brown/black/green seaweed.
 It also doesn't allow you to put it in another container for controlled dispensing because the seaweed gets stuck.
The price is a bit on the expensive side compared to other cleansing brands.
Final Verdict:
I don't know if I would purchase this one again. Only because I'm trying to be frugal and experimenting of how many "pumps" of soap I should be using for my face. This product with the large bits of seaweed doesn't allow me to do that. I also bought it on  a desperate whim to clear my face out of acne. Which it did help clear my face except that after taking my SKIN TEST at Mario Badescus' website. This wasn't the face wash they recommended. So I'll be doing another review on Botanical Facial Gel


  1. I do like products chemical free, never tried any Seaweed as of yet! :)

  2. i totally understand what you mean about the lather. i feel like it's working 10x more when i see it lather!

    great review.

  3. Everything has it's pros and cons I guess! Good luck with the next one :)

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