Monday, May 24, 2010

Mario Badescu: Seaweed Cleansing Soap Review

I've been using Mario Badescu's Seaweed cleansing soap ($12 for 8oz)  for 2 months now. It is light green with seaweed (looks like vanilla bits).  The smell isn't atrocious. It has a faint smell similar to a laundry detergent. This product claims to exfoliate, removes make-up, and residue without stripping. What I found to be true is that,  while it does remove make-up, it doesn't exfoliate. I still had my white heads and my face wasn't as smooth and soft compared to using Ponds white beauty face wash.
So here are my pro's and con's.
It removes make-up.
Helps clear my face of acne
Its for all types of skin (i have combination)
Pretty color
It doesn't lather. There's something about a soapy face that makes me think that my face is being cleaned better.
It doesn't have a control amount dispenser which means that you finish the product faster.
The seaweeds are too big. It leaves my sink looking yucky with brown/black/green seaweed.
 It also doesn't allow you to put it in another container for controlled dispensing because the seaweed gets stuck.
The price is a bit on the expensive side compared to other cleansing brands.
Final Verdict:
I don't know if I would purchase this one again. Only because I'm trying to be frugal and experimenting of how many "pumps" of soap I should be using for my face. This product with the large bits of seaweed doesn't allow me to do that. I also bought it on  a desperate whim to clear my face out of acne. Which it did help clear my face except that after taking my SKIN TEST at Mario Badescus' website. This wasn't the face wash they recommended. So I'll be doing another review on Botanical Facial Gel

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Glam Eyes Vs Sexy Curves Rimmel London Mascara

I have been on a prowl looking for a mascara. I have heard a lot of great things from other bloggers and you tubers about Rimmel Mascara. So I went to Walmart where I do my usual random shopping to buy and try Rimmel's mascara.
Well I found two that I like: Sexy eyes and Glam Eyes

Rimmel's Sexy Eyes ($6.47) promises to have up to 70% curlier lashes and up to 16 hours curl hold. 


Rimmel's Glam Eyes ($5.67) promises to have up to 10x more volumized and 80% longer lash look.

Both had the same effect on my lashes. They were more visible and longer. They didn't clump like most mascara's do, but Sexy Eyes didn't live up to the 16 hour curl hold as advertised. So I choose Glam Eyes over Sexy Eyes only because it was cheaper...

What Mascara works for  you?

Monday, May 17, 2010

NOTD: Mellow Yellow

This is my first "Nail of the day" blog.

It's by Sally Hansen titled "Mellow Yellow." The title describes how I feel today. I feel mellow. And now, I have a nail polish to match it.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Orange Sovereign

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow: Garden

Amaryllis usually blooms in time for Christmas and its great for Holiday decorations. I planted mine not even expecting to bloom anytime soon but with in a month it started blooming... So I took some pictures of it and decided to share.

 This type of Amaryllis is called...

Orange Sovereign 

As much as I love fashion, I also like gardening and photography ^_^


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Bathing Suit Haul: Victorias Secret

I like to get all my swim suits at Victoria's Secret. 
This wasn't always the case. I have gone through department stores trying to find a decent swim suit every year because catalogs where a "No go" for me and every year I come home disappointed. Until one day, I saw this amazing swim suit by VS in their miracle push-up line and I finally succumb to buying things online without trying them on in hopes that it would fit nicely... and it did so I've been shopping there ever since. 
This summer I'll be wearing these... 

I know the first picture is the same style just different colors but I got all these under $50. 
Yes, the price is another reason why I buy at VS catalogs because they are very affordable. Also the quality of the bathing suits are the same as the ones that I buy for more than $100 at a department store. 

What you need to know is this. Victoria's Secret bathing suits run big. I'm a size 0-3 (depending what store i'm at) So for the bottoms I get X-Small but for the top I get the Small (I fluctuate from 32B-32C). You want to read the descriptions. 

I look for these:
* Removable push-up padding (for lift)
*Lined cups (so that nipples doesn't show)
*Wide elastic band for added support

I made a mistake of buying the purple one. I like the design and color, but since I'm a little bit busty it made my breast look like they were sagging. Bandeus are great when you have an A or B cup but not anything bigger because it doesn't have support and it will make your breasts look saggy.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I want to try these super cool lenses. I thought I'd share the love just in case you're interested ^_^

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Expensive VS Inexpensive products: Concealer Review

Does the price really reflect the quality of a product? 

In search for a concealer that will mask my acne scars, I have ELF ($1.00), MAC ($16.50), and Shiseido ($26.50).
What my camera doesn't show you is that ELF has a white under tone, MAC has a yellowish undertone, and Shiseido has pinkish undertone.


I have taken these swatches and i'm going to soak my hand in water for 5 minutes to see which one will last

5 minutes later....

You can see where the water ended on the ELF swatch. All the concealer are less visible in the camera after being soaked in water.

So here's my review:
For packaging, Shiseido has the prettiest packing style.
For application. Shiseido has the creamiest and blends easiest out of the three.
For how long it lasts, MAC last longer.

Elf is not good for covering dark spots. I like it because its very affordable (Its $1.00), but its only good for a short time wear and for putting on the lips to achieve a nude lip look.

Shiseido blends the easiest because the product is very creamy. It doesn't last long so you have to reapply just like with any other concealer. While the undertones are pretty because it didn't make me look yellow, I would have to consistently spend $26.50 + tax every month or so. Its not budget friendly. (Mine lasted for less than a month and a half)

MAC is easier to blend when its a little bit warm. And since the packaging is in a circular form, it is hard to rub it between the hands to warm it up. So what I do is blow dry it for 10-15 seconds. MAC also has SPF 35 which I like because when you have acne. (Acne's are very sensitive to sunlight and it could irritate it and make it worse. So wear sunscreen to protect those pimples). 

So between the three products, I choose MAC. Even though it makes me look yellow, it conceals my acne scars, its budget friendly because it lasts more than 2 months, and lastly it has SPF.

What concealer works for you?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My First Award

I have been tagged/awarded by the lovely Nadia with the Sweet blog award! I'm so thrilled with getting this award ^_^ Thank you so much Nadia!

So to share the love... here are the rules:
  • Give this award to 7 sweet bloggers 
  • Make a post about the award including the picture and mention the person who gave it to you 
  • Put the award on your blog 
  • Let your nominated 7 know you've awarded them by leaving a comment 
 I tag/award: 

Helen beauty scribbler  
Selina flying saucer
Rita rita lime
Nikki dreams of beautiful
Helen in elegance
Lauren lauren loves shops
Caitlin chrysanthemum 

I know there's two Helen's. They are two different people but they have the same name. I choose these fabulous ladies because their blogs are great and they leave sweet comments!

PLEASE click on their names and check out their blogs!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Physicians Formula: Magic Mosaic Review

I have heard so many great things about Physicians Formula. So I wanted to see what the hype was all about. I'm a bridesmaid at a friends wedding and I wanted to get bronzer to conture my face so when I saw this product at Walmart, I thought to myself "Why not try it?"
The product is hypoallergenic, fragrance free, and dermatologist approved. My bronzer came with a free Magic Mosaic blush (even better I get 2 for the price of one!). 
The packaging is nice. The colors are pretty...


 when I tried it on, there was no pigmentation... Therefore, I can't even show swatches.

In comparison, my elf blush (cost $1.00) has more pigment and showed better than physicians formula.

So my review is this... even if a package is pretty, comes with free stuff, and is recommended by a lot of people, it still doesn't mean it works for an individual. Everyone is different...

Do you have any suggestions for a good conturing bronzer?
P.S. Here's a picture at the wedding :-)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Skin care products I love that I bought abroad...

I love to travel. It doesn't matter if it's for a medical mission trip or just for vacation. I love learning about new cultures and also trying their skin care line.

My two favorite ones that i love are ponds and shiseido. I so wish that they were offered here in the states.

If you want something that cleans your face, removes make-up, and also has micro-dermabrasion, look no further than Ponds white beauty. I know it says WHITE, but no... it doesn't make your face ghostly white. I was ranting about my horrible acne scars in my last blog and I have to say that this face wash helps even out your skin tone. It also helps vanish the awful acne scars I have. I bought mine when I went to Sinaloa, Mexico last year. I wish I would have bought more because they work amazing! It smells great and it lathers! I lover face washes that lathers because I think that the bubbles help clean my face. I wish they sell it here because this product  helps clear up my acne scars faster. My face after using this face wash feels like a babies bottom. So smooth and soft. It doesn't dry out my face or make it oily. This would be the product I'd use everyday if they offer it here/
In japan, they offer a drug store brand of shiseido. Its very affordable and works the same as the ones i was buying here for $31... In japan, it cost 700 yen for a compact. The exchange rate is 88yen per dollar. The packaging of the selfit is nice. It clear on the bottom so you can see what color it is, but its not as pretty as the shiseido department store bought. While there's a difference in the packaging and the price, there's no difference on how well it blends on my skin. I was going to take a picture of it on but they just look the same and I cannot tell a difference. 

Yes I am aware that my expensive powder is all cracked and is ready to be disposed, but I like finishing my products that works. 

Do you have any products that you bought internationally and wish you would have bought more?

Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Top 10 April Favorites

This one is late but better late than never right? ^_^
  • Mario Badescu's Drying Lotion: I have been getting large cystic acnes that lasts for months  and I tried a lot of products since my usual acne spot treatment by Origin won't work. A sales lady that worked in Ulta suggested Mario Badescu's drying lotion. My horrible cystic acne vanished in 2 days. Of course, the acne had to leave a horrible dark spot...
  • Mango & Spearmint scented candle: It has an invigorating Mango smell! You don't even have to burn it to get the effect. You just need to leave it open. I got mine from bath&body works for 2 for 10. Sadly, they don't offer it anymore. I found it at this other website that sells it for $9.50 each. :-(
  • Cool Citrus Basil perfume spray: I love this scent! It has a fresh crisp aroma. Every time I wear it, people ask what I'm wearing. It has a very strong smell in the bottle so the scent is better on. It's from Bath & Body works classic collection. I always stock-up when they sell it for $4.99 at their semi-annual sale.  I've been wearing this for a long time since I was 10-years-old. 
  • Dove's Ultimate Deodorant in wild rose scent: This promises to minimize the appearance of hair over time and it works! I noticed that my underarm hair feels softer and the color is less visible. Of course I still shave but I like the feeling of non-stubbly armpit hair. 
  • Dove's Cream Oil Body Lotion: My skin became very sensitive when I went to Nursing school. Washing my hands repeatedly left it very dry and not even Gold Bond retained the moisture. I like this one because it delivered what it advertised . Dove products are also sensitive skin friendly. It has improve my skin tone, texture, and it doesn't leave my hands dry.

  • N.Y.C. Broadway lights lip gloss: This one taste like strawberry flavored jolly rancher candy. I love how it doesn't leak and leaves mess in my bag like other lip glosses do. This applies smoothly and makes my lip shiny. Also it has a mirror and lights up! Its just like UK's MEMEME lip gloss brand, but this one is N.Y.C.brand offered in the U.S. I got mine from Walmart, but I can't find it there anymore...

  • NYX jumbo eye pencil in MILK: It's hard to find a white eyeliner that actually works. Example Prestige's white eyeliner in Star doesn't show and hurts to apply since you have to put pressure for it to show a little of its pigmentation. NYX white eyeliner applies on smoothly and its very pigmented.

  • Strawberry Foam Curler: I did a review on this and I just love it that's why it made my top 10 list. I'll link the review so you can read it if you want. I purchased this on e-bay.

  • Shell silver bracelet: What I like about this bracelet is that it matches everything. It looks classy and reminds me of the beach and not to mention that I also made it ^_^

  • Hello Kitty Headband:  This headband is really cute and keeps my hair off my face while I'm putting make-up on and washing my face. I purchased it when I went to Japan.

I made a link on the products that I love at your convenience. I purchased all these with my own money and I'm not endorsing any company. I'm just giving my opinions and explaining why I like the products I'm using. You can make any of the images bigger by clicking on them.

    Wednesday, May 5, 2010

    Cry Fest... All Nighters... No problem! How to get rid of tired heavy eyes

    Crying all night or having to pull an all nighter is no fun especially when you have somewhere important to be.
    When you lack sleep but still need to achieve the refreshed/well slept look, don't fret. The solution is simple. It takes a few simple products to get rid of tired heavy eyes.
    2. VISINE
    3. EYE CREAM
    The blood vessels in your eyes are dilated due to lack of sleep making it feel sensitive, heavy, puffy, and tired. By putting a cold eye mask, the vessels would shrink and soothe the eyes. As a rule: anything hot will make vessels dilate and cold will shrink it. If you don't have a cold eye mask, put ice in a bag and wrap it in a towel. Also a cucumber, a potato, or a spoon that is put in the freezer will also make do. (You must cut and peel the cucumber and potato in a thin circular shape to fit your eyes.)

    While the cold eye mask will soothe your eyes, it won't take care of the "blood shot eyes" look. Putting a few drops of visine will help clear the redness.

    Lack of sleep will also result in eye bags and dark circles. The skin around the eyes are very thin and eye creams will help moisturize and protect it. I'm currently using Neutrogena's ageless restoratives eye cream. It has a glow luminous effect around the eyes.

    White or flesh eye pencils used for the water line will help make the sclera (white part of the eye) look even whiter. I'm currently using NYX jumbo eye pencil in MILK and I love it!

    Last but not least a good concealer. I'm currently using MAC's NC 20 studio fix concealer. I will review different concealers on my next blog so I will have more details then.

    Having puffy, tired, and heavy eyes  is no fun. And the best solution to avoid these symptoms is to actually have a full nights rest. Until then, using a few simple products will surely make your eyes feel better and help you achieve the well rested look. 

    An Ode to Blogging, Youtube, and Twitter

    My newly found love is blogging. Since the economy is still down, I needed to find another way to distress and unwind from day to day without having to spend money. In my search of a new hobby, I stumbled on you tube one day and I happened to watch Lollipop26. I loved it so much that I decided to join you tube and subscribed to both Laura's you tube channel and blog. Since then, I have found other gurus that shares their knowledge and passion for make-up and fashion through you tube, blogs, and twitter. I was so inspired by them that I decided to join the beauty and fashion community as well.

    I uploaded 2 videos on you tube before, but decided to take them down. Maybe I'll try again and do what's in my bag (those are always fun to watch). My twitter is fairly new too so if you have one, I'd be happy to follow you ^_^

    Right now I'm very much into blogging and reading other beauty/ fashion gurus' blogs that I decided to join a site called "Blog Lovin." This site claims to make blog reading fun and easy by notifying readers when one of their favorite blogs has written a new blog post.

    Well its now 2:50 am. Time for me to go to bed.

    Sweet Dreams