Thursday, April 29, 2010

Strawberries in my hair

So when I said "strawberries" I didn't mean actual real strawberries to use in my hair...
I'm referring to the foam no-heat strawberry shaped curlers. I've always wanted to do something (soft curls) with my hair. Having straight black hair even a curling iron with tons of hair spray won't do. For example, I would use a Revlon curling iron, but I would only end up with dry damaged hair and only small crimps to show for it. So imagine my surprise when I stumbled on these marvelous cute no heat curlers at e-bay. My first thoughts were it would be a waste of money and be just an addition to the non-working junk pile. Clearly, I was wrong. I mean if it didn't work then why would I even blog about it?

There are two ways that these curlers can be used:  when you go to bed (use it after taking a shower. Hair must be 90% dry to work) or for super fast curling just use a hairdryer for 10-15 minutes (beats the no-heat purpose). I honestly don't prefer to do either. This is because I slept with my strawberry curlers on and I just find it uncomfortable.  I wasn't use to having stuff in my hair. So what I like to do is to just wear these cuties for 3-4 hours and tada! Gorgeous shiny curly non-damaged hair!

Excuse my super excited no make-up look...

The picture doesn't do it justice, but at least you get the idea of how it curled.


  1. Hii DJ! I've actually heard of these b4 :)From the youtube guru I follow. I'm guessing that you either bought these overseas, or ordered them off of ebay. It'd be really kewl to see the finished product, perhaps you could post pictures, Before and After :)

    Do you have these:

  2. lol I first saw the round yellow ball in Japan. I have those too and then i went to E-bay and stumbled on these cuties!!!

    O_o for the magic tape! I saw these too, but i didn't get them. I like my hello kitty head band better.

  3. OoO I like it! You can pull off those curlers :) I'd probably look like a fruit basket! LOL.

  4. Omg, who would have ever thought to make strawberry curlers! Those look so cute, lol, now we can look cute even while curling our hair. :D

  5. haha wow what cute curlers!! i would be tempted to wear one in my hair all day!